Lighthouses provide a spectacular element to landscape photography. Below are our featured photographers capturing the charm of our beacons of light.


Norris Seward is an award winning photographer from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. His greatest love is capturing the beautiful scenery in his home state of Michigan. Among his favorite subjects to photograph are the magnificent lighthouses found on the shorelines of our great lakes. Check out his website,, for a stunning view of Michigan's lighthouses, ships, waterfalls, bridges, wildlife, and more.



Father-son Michigan photographers Todd and Brad Reed have spent much of their lives photographing the lighthouses, waters, forests and wildlife of their hometown area of Ludington and all of Michigan. The Reeds have published six books featuring their outdoor photography, including two national award winning Michigan coffee table books: Tuesdays with Todd & Brad Reed: A Michigan Tribute and Todd & Brad Reed's Michigan: Wednesdays in the Mitten. Their imagery has been featured by Pure Michigan, Michigan Outdoors, PBS,  and in many Michigan magazines and newspapers. They own and operate Michigan's largest photography-only gallery in downtown Ludington and teach outdoor photography workshops.

MARGE BEAVER Author/Photographer

Marge Beaver is an aerial photographer based in Muskegon, MI with over 30 years experience flying and shooting custom aerial photography jobs all over the country.  Her plane is a Cessna Cardinal which she equipped with camera ports for both vertical (map-like) and oblique (scenic, angled) photography.  She has logged over 7000 hours in the air flying and photographing all kinds of subjects from the mundane to the exotic and is currently available for custom jobs anywhere in the Midwest.  She has doen the aerial photography for Lakeland Boating’s Ports O’ Call cruising guides, and thus has aerial photos of every harbor on all of the Great Lakes.  She can print and frame enlargements of her photos in-house up to 44” x 66”.  Digital images can also be purchased for use on brochures, websites, etc.

Marge has authored 3 coffee table style aerial photo books,  Above the North (now out of print), Above West Michigan, and the most recent titled Above the Lighthouses: Lake Michigan illustrating her love affair with how our beautiful area looks from on high.  Personalized copies can be obtained directly from Marge. Her business is called Photography Plus, and she can be reached toll free at 866-300-9691 or through her website below.

Marge is a great-grandmother with 4 living children (raised 5), 12 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.  She didn’t start her flying career until after her major family obligations were behind her.  Once she took an introductory ride in a small plane, though, she was immediately addicted, and the rest, as they say, is history.  The necessity of needing a way to pay for an expensive flying addiction plus an already well established love of photography provided the building blocks for the birth of her aerial photography business.

LAURA KRAKLAU Author/Photographer

Laura Kraklau is a marketing and communications professional who has combined her love of writing with her passion for exploring the world through photography to publish a book exploring the many faces of the St. Joseph lighthouses. In View 366: A Year-long Visual Story of the St. Joseph Lighthouses, Laura shares her odyssey of chronicling a year-in-the-life of southwestern Michigan’s most beloved pair of icons through 366 consecutive daily dynamic photos. Her photography has been shown in exhibitions throughout southwest Michigan, at the National Lighthouse Museum in Staten Island, New York, and as part of a Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra performance. More information about the book and photography can be found at


Wayne Sapulski is a Great Lakes lighthouse historian, author, and photographer.  There are over 360 lighthouses on the Great Lakes, the highest concentration of these landmarks in North America.  Wayne’s claim to fame, if he may claim one at all, is that he has physically visited every one of them, both U.S. and Canadian.

Wayne is a graduate of the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in Traverse City, MI and served as a licensed deck officer aboard several of the large freighters that ply the lakes.  Still licensed but no longer sailing, he remains active in a number of maritime historical societies and lighthouse preservation groups, especially the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association (GLLKA). He is a regular contributor to their quarterly publication, The Beacon.  Wayne’s articles and photographs have appeared in a number of other regional publications as well.

Wayne is the author of the book Lighthouses of Lake Michigan Past and Present (10,000 copies) and coauthor and sole photographer of the popular guide book Great Lakes Lighthouses, American and Canadian (over 36,000 copies sold to date).

In addition, he is a frequent public speaker on the topic of lighthouse preservation and restoration on the Great Lakes.


Chris Winters is a Milwaukee-based photojournalist specializing in Great Lakes maritime subjects. Smitten with the lore of lake boats and the mythology surrounding the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald at a young age, Winters is currently the staff photographer at the Discovery World Museum, and official photographer of Wisconsin’s flagship, the three-masted Great Lakes schooner Denis Sullivan. His next book effort: Schooner Days–The Story of Wisconsin’s Flagship, will be published in late summer 2014. A veteran wreck diver, and dynamic lecturer on Great Lakes shipwreck history, Winters is an associate member of the International Shipmasters’ Association, and board member of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society. His maritime photography has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the region.


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