Lighthouse Keepers


Catherine Shook Point Aux Barques Lighthouse 1849-1851
Mrs. Charles O'Malley Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse 1854-1855
Lydia Smith Manitou Island Lighthouse 1855-1856
Mary Granger Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse 1857
Slatira Carlton St. Joseph Lighthouse 1861
Julia Ann Griswold Eagle River Lighthouse 1861-1865
Mrs. H. Lubuck Grand Island East Channel Light 1862-1865
Anastasia Truckey Marquette Harbor Lighthouse 1862-1865
Mrs. William Monroe Muskegon & Pierhead Lights 1862-1871
Mary Terry Sand Point Light (Escanaba) 1868-1886
Nancy Hume Skillagalee Lighthouse 1869
Elsea Hyde Big Sable Point Lighthouse 1869-1871
Mrs. Harry Miller Grand Haven Lighthouse 1872-1875
Mary Cocking Gull Rock Lighthouse 1872-1877
Julia Sheridan South Manitou Island Lighthouse 1872-1878
Mary Garraty New Presque Isle Lighthouse 1872-1882
Elizabeth Van Riper Williams Beaver Island Harbor Light 1872-1884
Mary Corgan Manitou Island Lighthouse 1873-1875
Rozella Wilson Granite Island Lighthouse 1873-1876
Julia Brawn Way Saginaw River Lighthouse 1873-1882
Sarah Caswell Big Sable Point Lighthouse 1874-1882
Catharine McGuire Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse 1874-1882
Caroline Litogot Antaya Mamajuda Lighthouse 1874-1885
M.A. Stevens Menagerie Island Lighthouse 1875-1878
Mary Vreeland Gibralter Lighthouse 1876-1879
Jane Enos St. Joseph Lighthouse 1876-1881
Mary Beedon Au Sable Point Lighthouse 1876-1879
Harriet Howard Charity Island Lighthouse 1877-1879
Mary Corgan Gull Rock Lighthouse 1877-1883
Annie McGuire Pentwater Pier Lighthouse 1877-1885
Jane Barr Cheboygan Crib Lighthouse 1879-1880
Jane Knapp Grassy Island South Light 1880-1884
Catharine McGuire Marquette Harbor Lighthouse 1882-1891
Caroline Warner St. Clair Flats S. Channel Range 1882-1892
Nellie Buzzard Saginaw River Lighthouse 1883-1886
Elizabeth Van Riper Williams Little Traverse Lighthouse 1884-1913
Mary Gigandet Au Sable Point Lighthouse 1892-1897
Alice Nolen Gull Rock Lighthouse 1892-1903
Mrs. Ivory Littlefield Cheboygan River Range Light 1894
Katherine Marvin Squaw Point Lighthouse 1898-1904
Mary Ann Wheatley Eagle Harbor Range Lighthouse 1898-1905
Jennie Beamer Big Bay Point Lighthouse 1898
Lucy Gramer Ecorse Range Lighthouse 1898
Mrs. Donald Harrison St. Mary's River Range Light 1902
Anna Carlson Granite Island Lighthouse 1903
Anna Garraty Presque Isle Harbor Range Lights 1903-1926
Mrs. C.E. Thomson Eagle Harbor Range Lights 1905
Mary Cramer Ecorse Range Lighthouse 1906
Sarah Lane Mission Point Lighthouse 1906-1907
Susan Bennetts Portage Lake Ship Canal Light 1907
Anne Crebassa Sand Point (Baraga) Lighthouse 1908
Mrs. H.G. Hunter Little Sable Point Lighthouse 1910
Mrs. Peter Peterson Sand Point Light (Escanaba) 1913
Grace Homes Port Sanilac Lighthouse 1926-1928
Frances Wuori Johnson White River Lighthouse 1944-1954