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Various Artists have captured the beauty and stately presence of Lighthouses throughout the Great Lakes. From winter scenes to enchanting sunsets these lighthouses are perfect centerpieces. We have listed several nautical artists we have come to know.


Grand Haven Lighthouse

Richard Rensberry is an award winning painter with a penchant for capturing the fog-shrouded moods of many of our Michigan Lighthouses. His swirling skies of dawn and dusk are a trademark of his work.

He began his painting career while living in Castro Valley, California, where he won numerous awards for his quirky style of using anything at hand but a brush. Like a kid, he relishes making a mess with his inks, pens, fingers, rags and paints to achieve his desired result.

Richard Rensberry currently resides in Fairview, Michigan, with his award winning author/illustrator spouse, Mary Rensberry. Together they are co-founders of QuickTurtle Books™ and Books Make Booms for small businesses and charitable causes.

You can find his Lighthouse Art by visiting his website at

Point of No Return

Detroit born Mary Demroske moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at age 34. She studied art at Lake Superior State University and continues to teach herself and take an occasional workshop from noted Artists when convenient. She spends the long Michigan winters at the easel and her summers are spent doing juried shows almost every weekend. Mary is a veteran of over four hundred juried, combined and one person shows. She has taken many awards for her paintings of Great Lakes Freighters, tugs and Lighthouses. Mary is an invited professional member of the International Society of Marine Painters.

Mary Coesens Demroske
Mushroom Cap Studio
7492 W. 6 Mile Road
Brimley, MI 49715

Jerry McElroy has been a professional photographer since graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. For the past 20 years he has focused on painting. On his website, select the link "Museum Quality Art and Photo Prints For Sale" then zero in on his lighthouse collection. You won't be disappointed. Be sure to click the next page button to view even more spectacular options.

Ted Lepczynski is the owner of Silver Loon, his studio is located in White Lake, Michigan. Ted's work features nautical and lighthouse designs inspired by destinations throughout the Great Lakes Region. All work is handcrafted, sculpted in wax by hand and solid cast in premium sterling silver. Some designs feature stones and fossils from the shores of the Great Lakes. Ted's work is sold in lighthouse gift shops, maritime museums, fine shops, and through his online gallery.


Gail Borgman McGuire is a full time artist who specializes in lighthouse art.

She travels around the country drawing different lighthouses. The main art medium she uses is colored pencils. She loves drawing with colored pencils because she really likes the details she is able to acheive with them. She then reproduces her drawings on note cards and fine art prints. She also does calligraphy and designs Christian artwork as well.


Bill Mitchell Lighthouse Art is a family run, small business that sells copies of Bill Mitchell art. Bill's favorite art medium is black and white pencil sketches, and he specializes in lighthouse pictures. While Bill has sketched some East Coast lighthouses, he has sketched many Great Lakes lighthouses with Michigan lighthouses being his favorite. Bill packages his pencil sketches in lighthouse note cards, lighthouse matted prints and lighthouse calendars.


Nautical artists with a vast collection of Lighthouse art.


Point Betsie

Kathleen Chaney Fritz has a varied collection of art work. Some of these depict lighthouses that are truly impressive. A contemporary artist using watercolors, her works present a realistic approach, and transport you to the location of the art work. A graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, she pursued a career in commercial illustration until 1985. In 1985 she spread her wings and moved into the fine art field.


Paul LaMarre is from Algonac, Michigan is very well known around the Great Lakes for beautiful maritime works of art. The lake freighters and lighthouse come to life in his works.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 35 Algonac, MI 48001

Robert McGreevy is an accomplish Great Lakes maritime artist with a vast portfolio. He has painting of over 300 Great Lakes ships.


With roots that go back to Cleveland, Ohio, Bill McGrath is an artist member of the American Society of Marine Artists. His works of art include a variety of Great Lakes harbor scenes.


Creating a collection of half hull models of noteworthy Great Lakes ships is the specialty of this artist. To behold these woderful pieces visit his website.


Leo Kuschel is a renowned maritime artist with a collection of works that includes Great Lakes ships and lighthouses. See more at his website.


Jim Clary is a very talented self taught marine artist, author, and historian. Living near the Detroit Rivers, Clary acquired a love for the sea and the enchantment of big ships as they passed by. See his website for information.


After studying art in Belgium, Remy chose to pursue a career on the water. He sailed around the world, and in 1980 he immigrated to Michigan, joining family already in Northern Michgian. His sailing career on the Great Lakes includes classic freighters and tugs. Champt has also served on many of upper Lake Michigan's modern-day schooners, and he holds a Master's ticket. Today he sails and works out of Traverse City, Michigan. Champt's renderings of classic Great Lakes commercial boats provide him with the opportunity to marry his talents, knowledge, skills, and love of maritime history. With his meticulous attention to detail, he is able to authentically document these fascinating vessels. His unique style of clear, precise drawing and skills as a master illustrator make each rendering a legacy in itself.

Address: 104 S Elmwood Ave. Traverse City, MI 49684

Suzanne is a rural landscape artist that draws most of her inspiration from surrounding where she lives and paints. She resides in Saugatuck Township, Michigan. Drawing since around 5 years of age, her inspiration is traced back to the days of growing up in the farming areas of Ohio and Indiana. She still has a connection to rural areas as subject matter in her works. In expanding her works, Suzanne has captured the tranquil settings of some Michigan lighthouses gracing the shoreline.


Michael Blaser is an extremely talented artist who paints maritime scenes with such detail and passion that it literally transports a viewer of the art work to a definite place and time. Great care and precision are invested into each rendering and only 4 or 5 large art works are produced annually. Most of his works today are commissions from patrons. His favorite works are those that kindle a particular fire within to paint. To look over his portfolio on his web site is to travel through time along the waterways of this great nation.


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